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Southfish Ltd Processors and Exporters of Quality New Zealand Seafood

Southfish Ltd markets and exports a wide product range of deep sea fish, inshore fish and freshwater eels to wholesale markets in North America, Australia, Japan, China, South East Asia, and Europe as well as the New Zealand domestic market.

Southfish quality seafood products include fresh chilled and frozen fish, as well as live freshwater eels and fresh chilled eel and frozen eel products.

Southfish supplies a wide product range of deep sea fish and inshore fish, harvested from the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which extents 200 nautical miles out from around the islands of New Zealand.
Our quality frozen seafood is processed the very day it is caught to seal in the fresh flavours of the fish in our export approved facilities. 
Export grade fresh chilled fish and fish products are delivered to international destinations adhering to the most stringent New Zealand Food Safety Standards 

Southfish: Deep sea fish species

Deep Sea Fish Species harvested from the icy depths of the Southern Ocean and exported by Southfish include:
•   Orange Roughy
•   Smooth Oreo Dory
•   Scampi

Southfish: Inshore fish species

Among the many Inshore Fish Species found in New Zealand waters and exported by Southfish are:
•   Blue Cod
•   Red Gurnard
•   New Zealand Stargazer (Monkfish)
•   Groper
•   Ling
•   Tarakihi
•   Red Cod

Southfish also supplies several inshore species of Flat Fish:
•   Flounder
•   Turbot
•   Brill
•   N Z Sole
•   Lemon Sole
As well as a range of southern species of Shark:
•   Spiny Dogfish
•   Elephant Fish
•   Rig
•   School Shark

Live New Zealand Eels, Fresh-chilled and Frozen Eel products

Southfish also supplies freshwater eels to the international market.  Southfish Freshwater Eels and Eel Products include:
•   Live Export Eels
•   Smoked eels & smoked eel products
•   Chilled fresh eel
•   Frozen eel & eel products

All Southfish Seafood and Eel Products are available in bulk. Contact Southfish to discuss your wholesale supply needs.

Contact us

To discuss your requirements if you're an international importer. For fish product availability and current pricing contact Calvin Claridge.

Email: calvin@southfish.co.nz

Phone:  +64 3 212 8726
Fax    :  +64 3 212 8267