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Southfish Seafoods and NZ Eel suppliers and exporters

Southfish is the marketing company for three Southland fishing companies and the New Zealand Eel Processing Company Limited (NZ Eel). These fishing companies harvest, process and package a wide range of fresh chilled and frozen fish, while NZ Eel harvests and packages freshwater eels.

Southfish markets a wide range of seafood products including Deep sea fishspecies, Inshore fish species and a variety of Freshwater NZ Eel products.

Meeting export market demands for supplying world class seafood

Southfish markets and exports its quality New Zealand fish products worldwide, and has established itself as a recognised supplier of high grade NZ seafood and freshwater eel internationally.
Current export markets include North America, Australia, Japan, China and Europe as well as the New Zealand domestic market.

Quality fresh NZ seafood and freshwater eel products guaranteed

All Southfish seafood products are handled according to the procedures and requirements of the New Zealand's Food Safety Authority.  Our processes are designed to meet New Zealand standards as well as certain specific Overseas Market Access Requirements

Southfish is EU certified and listed as an EU Supplier

Refrigerated shipping and air freight packaging to meet demand

All Southfish seafood and freshwater eel products are available in individual cartons or polybins, suitable for airfreight around the world.  Frozen product is also packed and shipped in refrigerated shipping containers.
Total Cold Chain management from origin to market destination ensures our seafood products arrive in the best and freshest condition.

Contact Southfish to discuss your packaging and delivery options.

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